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Woodland Wakeup, is a dynamic social enterprise / Forest School which aims to ‘rewild’ childhood and reconnect kids, teens, adults and families with the natural world. By promoting nature-connectedness, we want to enhance people's wellbeing, especially those in some of our more vulnerable communities.

Woodland Wakeup believes that childhood should be about playing outside, getting muddy, climbing trees, having adventures, making dens, being wild and free while exploring our amazing natural world… and just generally having as much fun as possible! ☺

But that lovely nature time shouldn't stop as you get older! Everyone can benefit from regular time outdoors!

Sadly, people nowadays are often indoors, in front of a screen and hidden away from the wonders of nature. Technology overload and a low-activity, high-stress life detached from the natural world are having a negative impact on our society's mental health, resilience, focus, concentration and ability to relate to one another.

On the other hand, spending time in the natural world is amazingly calming. It develops a sense of adventure and fun, builds a sense of awe and wonder about our beautiful planet, allows people to reconnect with their innate curiosity about flora and fauna and the world around them, fosters a sense of place, enhances physical and emotional resilience, sensory awareness, problem solving capabilities, confidence and self-esteem... the list goes on!

Woodland Wakeup wants to get as many people out as possible to promotes spending time in nature as a preventative healthcare solution and empower individuals and families to take ownership of their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing and get into healthy life habits.

We are super flexible and can run sessions for kids, teens, adults, families and whole communities. We can organise birthday parties, school groups, kids' holiday camps, adult relaxation sessions, family nature adventure sessions, natural craft workshops, community / pop events... and can tailor events according to individual requirements or community needs.

Wakeups for everyone! ☺

Thank you for your interest in Woodland Wakeup nature sessions. There are always more dates to be confirmed ASAP. Please keep an eye on here or the Facebook page for upcoming sessions as they are added.

If you would like to get in touch about bookings, creating a bespoke event or anything else, drop us a line at ...

We'll see you in the woods!! ☺

Refund policy

Refunds can only be given if sessions are cancelled, for example, in extreme weather conditions. Refunds cannot be given for cancellations or if your child has to leave a session early for any reason.