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Whitstable Yacht Club Training

Whitstable yacht club is one of the oldest and largest sailing clubs in England. The Club is situated on the north coast of Kent where the Thames Estuary meets the North Sea. WYC offers sailing in sheltered waters at all times of the tide for catamarans, dinghies, and windsurfers.
Whitstable Yacht Club is an RYA Recognised Training Centre. The club offers first class tuition, a range of training boats and excellent facilities. Members of the public can be given temporary membership on application for a course and we also welcome members of other RYA affiliated sailing clubs to our courses at WYC member rates. New members always welcome.

From 15 Jun 2024
March, 2024
1 Fri 365 days
365 days
15 Sat 8am BST
16 Sun 8am BST
8am BST
18 Tue 4:15pm BST
20 Thu 2 days
22 Sat 2 days
24 Mon 9am BST
25 Tue 4:15pm BST
27 Thu Course: 5 dates
29 Sat 4pm BST
1 Mon 5 days
2 Tue 4:15pm BST
4 Thu 2 days
6 Sat 2 days
9 Tue 4:15pm BST
16 Tue 4:15pm BST
20 Sat 2 days
22 Mon 2 days
Times shown in timezone: London