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Women's Circle ~ Gathering with other women is a revolutionary act of sisterhood in a society that likes to keep us busy and apart. This women only space holds and supports without judgement or shame.

X-HAIL® Meditation ~ Mind body classes that help to support your Nervous System with aromatherapy, mindful stretches, heart coherence techniques, gentle breathwork and guided and/or self-led meditation. Sessions delivered online and in person (based in Staffordshire).

If you're interested in gaining a toolkit of meditation, breathwork and somatic movement to help you and your clients as well as ongoing support and CPD. Find out more here

From 14 Jul 2024
July, 2024
15 Mon 7pm BST
17 Wed 8pm BST
24 Wed 8pm BST
27 Sat 9am BST
7 Wed 8pm BST
21 Wed 8pm BST
28 Wed 8pm BST
Times shown in timezone: London