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Yogasara In-Person

From 7 Oct 2022
October, 2022
7 Fri 7:30am BST Early Morning Yoga with the Community Collective LOW COST
10am BST Prana Flow Yoga with Emilia
5:30pm BST Krama Vinyasa with Valentina
9 Sun 5:45pm BST Vinyasa Yoga with Fay
10 Mon 7am BST Ashtanga Vinyasa with Arianna
8:45am BST Rise & Shine Morning Flow (Anusara-Inspired) with Arianna
12pm BST Yoga and Mindfulness with Freya LOW COST
5pm BST Deep Flow Yoga with Anna
6:15pm BST Vinyasa Yoga with Fay
8pm BST Transformational Kundalini Yoga with Kiran Kaur
11 Tue 7:15am BST
Living Yoga Method with Maria
5:30pm BST Embodied Presence Flow with Megan
7:15pm BST Movement, Breath and Meditation with James
12 Wed 10:30am BST Krama Vinyasa Yoga with Seanie
12pm BST Yoga with Lioba
5:30pm BST Vinyasa Flow Yoga with Sarah (Cover Teacher - Valentina)
7:45pm BST Pure Essence Kundalini Yoga with Satya
13 Thu 10:15am BST Kundalini Global with Lucy Spragge
4:30pm BST Yang to Yin Flow with Hazel
Course: 1 date Yoga for Beginners 6 Week Course - Level 1
Times shown in timezone: London