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AAPC of KC Upcoming Events

REFUND POLICY (for meetings and seminars): No refunds will be given for cancellations requested less than one month prior to a scheduled event. Refunds will not be given for "no shows". This policy does not apply to the annual local chapter conference. For information on the cancellation policy for the conference please visit the conference page.

From 29 Nov 2023
December, 2023
8 Fri 8am CST 12/8/2023 IN:Person Meeting; 2024 CPT Updates; Presented by Brenda Edwards
January, 2024
18 Thu 8am CST 01/18/2024 IN-PERSON Meeting: The Importance of Population Health Presented by; Kristin Repp
8 Thu 8am CST 02/08/2024 IN-Person Meeting: TBD
23 Fri 8am CDT 08/23/2024 Business Partner
Times shown in timezone: Central Time (US & Canada)