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Ashtanga Yoga York

Ashtanga is often considered a very dynamic form of yoga, progressive with much emphasis on the starting position, the attitude for entering into, staying in, and for coming out of asana, according to the rhythm synchronized with the breath.
Each new student to Ashtanga will begin with the primary series and will progress steadily, thereby memorizing the sequence with its unfolding variations of postures and gaining confidence in their application. The repetition and familiarity of the postures provide a daily frame of reference from which to observe your state of mind and your ‘felt sense of your body moving.

From 23 Apr 2024
April, 2024
23 Tue 6am BST
6pm BST
25 Thu 6am BST
6pm BST
26 Fri 6am BST
27 Sat 8:45am BST
29 Mon 6am BST
7:30am BST
5:45pm BST
30 Tue 6am BST
1 Wed 6am BST
7:30am BST
2 Thu 6am BST
6pm BST
3 Fri 6am BST
6 Mon 6am BST
5:45pm BST
7 Tue 6am BST
8 Wed 6am BST
7:30am BST
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