Barwon Heads Yoga: Virtual Yoga and Pilates Studio

So, with the roadmap of COVID restrictions, our Yoga Sangha continues on a fully online platform.

It's kinda hard to see where we are going and our COVID fatigue is palpable. The enthusiasm for collective support and acceptance is getting harder. Our solitude and isolation can throw smoke and mirrors around our journey. But now is the moment to dig just that little bit deeper. To explore our relationship with patience, benevolence and time. Our roadmap is dependant on so many variables - and the major one, is You.

I miss you faces and would love to offer real-time zoom antics, but until my small folk are back in their classrooms this is all I can offer for your practice.

Barwon Heads Yoga - Second Step Regional Roadmap Offerings
From Monday 21st September - Friday 16th October

Classes will move out on demand and along the airwaves, through zoom.
There will be 5 classes per week: one class per day every Mon - Fri, for four more weeks of Second Step COVID restrictions: starting Monday 21st September. All classes will be uploaded and sent to you inbox by 6:00am daily. Each practice is accessible for you to do - in your own time and space - for 6 days.

If you are in a position to pay, our virtual Class Pricing is suggested as follows:

Casual class pass - $15
Four week class pass: one class per week - $48 ($12 per class)
Passionate term pass: unlimited classes for as much mat time as you want + paying forward for someone else's space - $140 ($7 per class)

Please reach out of you're not in a place of being able to pay for these offerings. The passionate term pass is an anonymous gift to our Yoga Sangha. It allows for me to continue to be of service to all of you, regardless of circumstance, and maintain a viable business that can re-open as soon as it's safe.

Note that virtual classes are not claimable through your private health provider as tele-health appointments.
(Private 1:1 Physiotherapy, 1:1 Yoga / Pilates, 1:2 "bubble" yoga / pilates classes can continue in studio and are health care rebatable. Please e:mail for further details.)

Together, we can continue to connect and do this. So as fragile and frustrating as this continues to be, let's ride this as we can. xx

From 28 Oct 2020
November, 2020
2 Mon 6am - 7am Hatha Yoga Class
9:15am - 10:15am Hatha Yoga Class
9 Mon 6am - 7am Hatha Yoga Class
9:15am - 10:15am Hatha Yoga Class
10 Tue 6am - 7am clinical mat pilates
11 Wed 10am - 11am Vinyasa Yoga Class
12 Thu 6am - 7am Yin yoga class
13 Fri 6am - 7am Physio-Yoga
16 Mon 6am - 7am Hatha Yoga Class
9:15am - 10:15am Hatha Yoga Class
23 Mon 6am - 7am Hatha Yoga Class
9:15am - 10:15am Hatha Yoga Class
Times shown in timezone: Sydney