Barwon Heads Yoga: Term Three Studio Practice

Barwon Heads Yoga - face-to-face teachings for Winter.
From Monday 12th July - Friday 17th September

Monday 6am: hatha

Tuesday 9:15am: pilates
Tuesday 6pm: physio-yoga: strength through yoga practice

Wednesday 4pm: bendy brains (seeds - ages 4-10)
Wednesday 5pm: bendy brains (seedlings - ages 11-15)

Thursday 6pm: yin

Friday 6am: physio-yoga: strength through yoga practice
Friday 9:15am: vinyasa

Sundays 9:00 - 10:15 hatha flow (Tara)

Casual class pass - $25
Four class pass - $80
Ten class pass - $190
Kid's yoga course - $90 (6 weeks) 21st July - 25th August

All physiotherapy-led classes are health care rebatable.

COVID guidelines include:

  • Classes are limited to 12
  • This is still a BYO affair if you can: equipment is available to use if you feel comfortable to do so and must be cleaned post-bend (alcohol-based wipes are available here)
  • Doors open 10 mins prior to your practice so you can settle safely into your space.
  • There is a hand sanitisation station at the door. Be generous.

Private 1:1 Physiotherapy, 1:1 Yoga / Pilates, 1:2 "bubble" yoga / pilates classes will continue in studio and are all health care rebatable. Please e:mail for further details.

Our practice in the studio is a gift - not a right. This means it's up to all of us to think about our actions and the consequences of them. So if you're feeling unwell, if you have any cold / flu symptoms, if you have a temperature, if you have been in close contact with anyone who has tested positive or awaiting results for testing for COVID-19 or if you have recently return from a deemed COVID-19 hotspot: PLEASE DO NOT COME. You're welcome to attend another time/date as a make up class within the term.

  • COVID LOCKDOWN POLICY - In the event of having to close our doors, we will shift to our Barwon Heads Yoga: Lockdown Schedule. Our Lockdown timetable looks like this:

Monday 9:15 Hatha
Tuesday 9:15 Pilates
Wednesday 9:15 Physio-Yoga
Thursday 6pm Yin
Friday 9:15 vinyasa

Classes are live through zoom AND will a recording will be sent to your inbox.
Practice recordings will be available in the zoom cloud for 4 days.

If you are booked into ANY class within a COVID closure week on our timetable, you will have access to ALL COVID TIMETABLED CLASSES both live and recorded.

To me, this feels the fairest way for you to access your practice and for me to deliver it to you: I don’t feel right in charging a full face-to-face fee for online teachings. But in giving you more bang for you buck (more classes in your week), I hope this sits OK within your heart.

If you are not up for practicing online, please cancel your class and your pass WILL NOT BE CHARGED.
During COVID lockdowns, if you would like to have a week of online yoga for $25, please book a casual class pass and I’ll sort you out.
If your world is in the shit financially and you’re unable to pay at this time, please reach out to me and I’ll add you into the system, or I can cancel your booked class and YOU WILL NOT BE CHARGED.
And finally, if you know of someone who could do with being held right now, send them any recording that resonates with you. It’s when we share from the heart that we receive the most within our soul. So basically, the shitter that you’re feeling, the more incentive there is to pour your Love out.

please note: there are no kids classes running through COVID lockdowns. Parents will be emailed directly regarding children’s practice.

Let’s make the most of this adventure: Together.
This is our new normal.

Always with love, Rxx

From 27 Sep 2021
October, 2021
4 Mon 6am AEDT Hatha Yoga Class
5 Tue 9:15am AEDT clinical mat pilates
6 Wed 5pm AEDT bendy brains - seedlings : children's yoga class (ages 11 - 15)
7 Thu 6pm AEDT Yin yoga class
8 Fri 6am AEDT Physio-Yoga: strength through yoga practice
9am AEDT Vinyasa Yoga Class
13 Wed 4pm AEDT bendy brains - seeds : kids yoga class (ages 4-10)
Times shown in timezone: Sydney