*** Due to Covid19 Government restrictions we are now only permitted to have a maximum number of 6 people in a class - Therefore our spaces will be very limited, and we have had to adjust our prices to our PAYG single class fee. (We had 2 choices - Cancel the classes or adjust the fees). Apologies for these changes and I hope you can understand that without this we would not be able to run any classes at all.) This is just a temporary change and we hope to go back to normal in the near future. ***

JumpX is a low impact, high energy, very intense workout, which takes place on a small trampoline. Xtra Fun, Toning & Calorie Burning. We welcome most Ages and all fitness levels, our classes are High Intensity, but low impact as the trampolines take most of the shock that normally goes straight to your joints. We guarantee you will get results and have a great time whilst doing so.

Fra 27 sep 2021
september, 2021
29 ons 18:45 BST JumpX Acton
30 tor 19:45 BST JumpX Ealing
6 ons 18:45 BST JumpX Acton
7 tor 19:45 BST JumpX Ealing
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