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Lucy Murray Yoga

To see dates, times and costs of individual classes click on a button below, scroll down to the schedule, choose a class that you are interested in and click the blue View Details button for full information.

In person Yoga Pershore Wed mornings In person Yoga Pershore Wed evenings Online Yoga Wed evenings In person Yoga Little Comberton Thurs mornings Monthly Meditation Mon evenings

If you prefer to pay offline then please email and ask Lucy to book you in.


You can still book part way through a block of classes and the cost will be apportioned so that you only pay for the classes yet to occur. So if you book a 4 week course after you have missed the first week then you will only be charged for the 3 remaining weeks.

Block bookings will take priority. Any free spaces will become available to book on a single class basis within the week before they occur. For example, if you wish to book only week 3 of a 4 week block, then you need to wait until after week 2.


Class fees are non-refundable except in the event of class cancellation by the teacher.