Sam Gent Yoga

All class are now online using Zoom. Please book as usual and you will be emailed a class invitation
Sam teaches yoga classes at the beautiful YOGA AKASHA studio in East Grinstead.
Sam offers regular daily classes and termly beginners courses.

Ab 29 Jul 2021
Juli, 2021
30 Fr Kurs: 1 Datum Sun Salutations & Pranayama
Kurs: 1 Datum Slow Flow Vinyasa
1 So 19:30 BST Restorative Yoga - mini workshop
2 Mo Kurs: 22 Datum Sun Salutations & Pranayama
Kurs: 5 Datum Slow Flow Vinyasa
3 Di Kurs: 5 Datum Strong Vinyasa Flow
4 Mi Kurs: 4 Datum Restorative Yoga
6 Fr Kurs: 4 Datum Slow Flow Vinyasa
Zeitzone der angezeigte Zeiten: London