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August, 2018
30 Thu 31 days Driftless Folk School - Gift Certificate
23 Sun 9am - 12:30pm Rabbit Butchering and Sausage Making
1pm - 4:30pm Hammered Copper Bowls
1pm - 4:30pm Making Mead
29 Sat 1pm - 4:30pm Making Hard Cider
30 Sun 31 days Driftless Folk School - Gift Certificate
9am - 12:30pm Traditional Cooking with Organ Meat
6 Sat 9am - 4:30pm DIY Photovoltaics
9am - 4:30pm Fall Foraging and Tree Identification
13 Sat 9am - 12:30pm Off-Grid Solar, Battery and Maintenance
20 Sat 2 days Hog Butchering
21 Sun 1pm - 4:30pm Handmade Copper Rings
26 Fri 3 days Hunt for Food: Deer
28 Sun 9am - 12:30pm Beyond Cabbage: Fermentation for the Season
30 Tue 31 days Driftless Folk School - Gift Certificate
2 Fri 9am - 4:30pm Herbal Goat Milk Soap Making
3 Sat 9am - 4:30pm Home Creamery: Cultured Milk, Mozzarella, and Feta
9am - 4:30pm Introduction to Knitting
4 Sun 9am - 4:30pm Birch Bark Boxes
9am - 4:30pm Home Creamery: Cheese Curds, Gouda, and Cheddar
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