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Upcoming Driftless Folk School Classes

As we aspire to make our classes available to anyone who truly wishes to participate, and at the same time to support our instructors with respect and gratitude, we now list our courses with “Sliding Scale” payment options, and this includes Gift Certificates as well. To help you decide which level is for you, we offer the following guidelines:

Supporter Level Ticket
If you move through the world with financial ease and the means to fulfill many of your wants as well as your needs – you are able to eat out when you want, abundantly meet your needs through employment or can comfortably not work, have access to family wealth, own property, etc. – consider paying at this level, which will help us ensure the long term sustainability of our programs while keeping our offerings accessible to those with access to fewer resources.

Sustainer Level Ticket
If you are able to meet your needs with relative ease while budgeting your educational and entertainment spending – for instance, you are able to take classes and eat out occasionally as long as you are mindful – consider paying at this level, which will help sustain the work of the Folk School at a modest level.

Supported Level Ticket
If you struggle to fund your basic needs and have limited access to resources in your family and community, or if you would not be able to access this offering without a discounted payment option, consider paying at this level. We value your presence and contributions to our community and do not want any economic circumstances to be a barrier to attendance!

À partir du 8 fév. 2023
février, 2023
11 sam. 09:00 CST Winter Wilderness Skills, with Nicholas WazeeGale
13:00 CST Love Your Houseplants! with Arwyn Wildingway of Thoreau's Garden
18 sam. 09:00 CST Black Ash Mini Baskets, with Liandra Skenandore (2 days)
09:00 CST Winter Ecology and Tracking in the Driftless, with Nicholas WazeeGale
11 sam. 09:00 CST Herbal and Goat Milk Soap Making, with Linda Conroy
12 dim. 09:00 CDT Pine Needle and Sweetgrass Basketry, with Linda Conroy
24 ven. 09:00 CDT Black Ash Tray Basket, with Liandra Skenandore (3 days)
25 sam. 09:00 CDT Windmills for Water Pumping, with Jon Passi
13:00 CDT DIY Dairy Ferments, with Laura Mathes
26 dim. 13:00 CDT Hanging Basket Workshop with Sarah Mercer from Thoreau's Garden
30 jeu. 31 jours Driftless Folk School - Gift Certificate
1 sam. 13:00 CDT The Art of Pysanky (Ukrainian Easter Eggs), with John Carlson
8 sam. 10:00 CDT Garden Planter / Container Workshop with Sarah Mercer of Thoreau's Garden
10 lun. 09:00 CDT Permaculture in the Driftless, with Peter Allen of Mastodon Valley Farm
12 mer. 5 jours Beginning Timber Frame Class, with Jon Anderson of Star Hill Timber Works
15 sam. 09:00 CDT DIY Photovoltaics, with Jon Passi
10:00 CDT Whimsical Windowsill Planters with Sarah Mercer of Thoreau's Garden
13:00 CDT Beginning Chip Carving, with John Carlson
22 sam. 09:00 CDT Spring Nature Observation and Tracking, with Nicholas WazeeGale
13:00 CDT Off-Grid Solar with Batteries, with Jon Passi
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