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Fox Wood Forest School

Fox Wood Forest School uses a rich outdoor environment to build a safe, nurturing and playful community, where children can explore freely and chose the activities they want to take part in. Forest School helps children to become confident and independent, resilient and resourceful, respectful of others and curious about the natural world.
If the session you’re hoping to attend is fully booked you can add yourself to the waiting list from this link -

À partir du 8 août 2022
août, 2022
10 mer. 10:00 BST Fox Wood Summer Play
15 lun. 10:30 BST Fox Wood Hedgehog Day(AM)
17:30 BST Fox Wood Hedgehog Day (PM)
18 jeu. 10:00 BST Volunteer Afternoon - site maintenance
7 mer. Série : 6 dates Wednesday: Fox Wood Stay & Play
12 lun. Série : 6 dates Monday: Fox Wood Stay & Play
13 mar. Série : 6 dates Tuesday: Fox Wood After School Play
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