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Yoga Shines - Yoga with Shannon

Yoga, mindfulness, and wellness for all!

Hi I'm Shannon, I am a Yoga teacher based in Maidstone. I run Fun, Friendly, Inclusive Yoga Classes and Workshops for All Levels and Experience. Beginners are always Welcome! Join me weekly in my Online & Community Classes. No membership required. No joining fee. Classes can be individually booked, or if you prefer, class passes are available for additional savings. Discounts available for new class members.

I welcome all levels of experience to my classes. You are always encouraged to meet yourself in your body, in the moment. No crazy levels of flexibility or gymnastics skills are required. Just being and breathing are more than enough.

I approach my classes with warmth, compassion, and a sense of humour. If you are looking for fun, friendly, inclusive yoga classes get in touch. I hope to welcome you to class soon.

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