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Hannah's yoga, Tonbridge

Yoga for pregnancy - Oast theatre, Tonbridge.

This class is suitable from 12 weeks of pregnancy. The class is a combination of yoga, breathing practice, relaxation and birth preparation.The aim of this class is to increase your likelihood of having a positive birth experience whilst also connecting with other pregnant people.

Benefits include:

  • Reduced Back Ache

  • Improve quality of sleep

  • Improved posture and body awareness

  • Improved mind and body connection

  • Increased confidence about labour and birth

  • Learning practical skills for labour and birth

  • Support network

Mother and Baby yoga classes- Tonbridge Methodist church, Tonbridge

These classes are suitable for mums and non-crawling babies from 6 weeks old. The classes are an excellent way to ease your way back into exercise after the birth of your baby. The sessions also include yoga for your baby so you can practice together and we use music and rhymes throughout the class to create a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

Benefits include:

  • Strengthening and toning your muscles; especially abdominals, pelvic floor and back

  • Encouraging you and your baby to find time and space for relaxation

  • Using the breath to increase calm and confidence

  • Improving your sleep

  • Promoting the understanding of your baby's development

  • Engaging and bonding with your baby

From 18 Apr 2024
April, 2024
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Course: 5 dates
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