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From 12 Apr 2021
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April, 2021
13 Tue 8am WIB Body Pump with Avi
9:30am WIB DNA Core Motion with Fuad
4:30pm WIB Body Jam with Ryo
7pm WIB Body Combat with Irwan Kamil
14 Wed 8am WIB Core Exercise with Toto
9:30am WIB Body Balance with Sam
4:30pm WIB Fast Fit with Joshua
7pm WIB Zumba with Joshua
15 Thu 8:15am WIB Pilates with Diana
9:30am WIB Body Pump with Irwan Kamil
4:30pm WIB Hatha Yoga with Rikka
7pm WIB DNA Core Motion with Bonny
16 Fri 8am WIB Detox Yoga with Puru
9:30am WIB Body Combat with Lynda
4:30pm WIB DNA Core Motion with Ryo
7pm WIB Peloton with Tiff
17 Sat 8am WIB Body Balance with Otniel
9:30am WIB Body Attack with Fajar
11am WIB Shbam with Sandi
1pm WIB Body Pump with Randy
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