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Bringing you the most exciting and rewarding workouts to your home with our HOME SWEAT HOME LIVE class sessions.

Weekdays classes:
Registration closes 24 hours before class.

Saturday classes:
Registration closes Friday 3pm, a day before class.

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Od 18 maj 2021
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maj, 2021
18 wto. 08:00 WIB Body Pump with Avi
09:30 WIB DNA Core Motion with Fuad
16:30 WIB Body Balance with Sam
19:00 WIB Body Combat with Ryo
19 śro. 08:00 WIB Core Exercise with Toto
09:30 WIB Fast Fit with Vie
16:30 WIB Hatha Yoga with Ilanda
19:00 WIB Zumba with Fathir
20 czw. 08:15 WIB Pilates with Diana
09:30 WIB Body Pump with Irwan Kamil
16:30 WIB DNA Seduce with Bonny
19:00 WIB DNA Core Motion with Bonny
21 pią. 08:00 WIB Detox Yoga with Puru
09:30 WIB Body Combat with Lynda
16:30 WIB DNA Core Motion with Ryo
18:30 WIB Gentle Flow Yoga with Farida
22 sob. 08:00 WIB Body Balance with Tommy Yap & Andry
09:30 WIB Body Attack with Anne & Fajar
11:00 WIB Body Pump with Triesca & Putra
13:00 WIB SH'BAM with Anthony & Glenn
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