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Class Booking

Welcome to our class booking page!

Our Summer Term runs from Monday 3rd June to Friday 19th July.
Our August Term runs from Monday 29th July to Friday 6th September.

In order for us to plan great classes and deliver high quality teaching, classes must be booked in advance. Bookings close 72 hours (3 days) before the class start time.

We offer a free initial class for new dancers at all levels! Use code ‘firstclassfree’ at the checkout.

If you are new to Horizon and would like more information on classes, please contact Katie |

Our booking policy can be viewed at the bottom of this page under 'refund policy', and in the booking confirmation email

Refund policy

Weekly Classes

If you are unable to attend a class with at least 24 hours notice, the booking can be transferred to a future class of the same value. To do this, click the 'view booking' link in the booking confirmation email, and select the 'transfer ticket' option.

Transferred classes must be booked within 30 days of the original class date, and bookings can only be transferred once.

Performance Classes

Refunds or transfers are not offered for cancelled performance classes. If dancers know that they will be missing classes in advance of the term, discount codes can be used to account for this (see class description for code details).


Dancers must sign up to the classes they are planning to attend at least 72 hours in advance, and will not be admitted to classes that have not been booked.

Membership fees are collected on the 1st of each month, and can be cancelled at any time. Class access for cancelled memberships will end on the last day of the current paid month.

The membership billing date is the first of each month. If you sign up mid-month you will pay the full amount, and then on the first date of the next month you will be charged pro-rata to bring you in line with the billing cycle.

We reserve the right to cancel memberships in the event a dancer is in breach of our policies. We are unable to give pro-rata refunds for any unused memberships. The monthly fee is based on 40 weeks of classes per year.


Transfers or refunds will not be given if a class is cancelled with less than 24 hours notice, or for unattended performance / focus classes.

If you have any questions please contact Katie via