Energize Health Club at the Limerick Strand Hotel

In order to ensure social distancing, gym & pool sessions must be pre booked

No entry will be allowed without pre booking

  • The time slots will be 90 minutes, this also includes showering time
  • A two hour slot will be available on opening each morning, this also includes showering time
  • Members must adhere too the time limit, to ensure a smooth transition

  • Booking is for members only

  • If you are a family of 2, 3, 4 etc …you must book in each individual separately

  • Pool and gym maybe booked on the same day

  • Opening times will remain the same
    ( 6.30am – 10pm Monday – Friday / 8.00am – 9.00 pm Saturday – Sunday & Bank Holiday Mondays )

  • Children hours remain the same ( 9.00am – 7.00pm )

  • No punch bag will be available for use

  • Exercise classes will be reduced due to social distance measures
    (Classes will be displayed once available)

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19 szept. 2021-től
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szeptember, 2021
19 v. 08:00 IST Gym booking
08:00 IST Pool booking
10:00 IST Gym booking
10:00 IST Pool booking
11:30 IST Gym booking
11:30 IST Pool booking
13:00 IST Gym booking
13:00 IST Pool booking
14:30 IST Gym booking
14:30 IST Pool booking
16:00 IST Gym booking
16:00 IST Pool booking
17:30 IST Gym booking
17:30 IST Pool booking
19:00 IST Gym booking
19:00 IST Pool booking
20 h. 06:30 IST Gym booking
06:30 IST Pool booking
08:30 IST Gym booking
08:30 IST Pool booking
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