MCR event booking system

Here are some important details about how to use the system.

  • All events for the Michaelmas term are listed on this page. This includes Formal dinners, Exchange dinners and Wine and Cheese Exchanges.
  • However, you will not be able to book all of them just yet. Every event has a ticket availability window. If you click on an event, further details including the number of available tickets, price and the window when it is available for purchase will pop up on your right.
  • Some of the events will have guest tickets and some will not. You can check them on the event details section as mentioned above. Please look below for the recommended way of booking guest tickets. There is also a loose upper bound on the number of guest tickets per event, which is there to mainly ensure that MCR members gain precedence for attending the formals.
  • When you start booking a ticket, your spot will be reserved for 15 minutes within which you will have to make your payment via Paypal . Note that you do not necessarily need to have a PayPal account. You can use your debit/credit card as well.
  • Please use the Other Information field in the booking to mention any dietary requirements.

Booking a ticket

Booking a MCR Ticket

  • Select one MCR ticket.
  • Enter you email address in the next page.
  • Enter you name and dietary information, book and pay.
  • All the email addresses should be a email address. If it is not one, your place will be cancelled without refund.

Booking a Guest Ticket

Important : You are not allowed to only book a guest ticket. Every guest ticket must be accompanied by an MCR ticket.

  • Usually you will only be allowed one guest ticket per MCR member.
  • Please book the guest ticket together with the MCR ticket. (Select both of them together and pay for them together).
  • In the next page of booking make sure that the MCR member is listed as the MCR member and the guest member as the guest member.
  • As before the MCR member should have a email address and the guest member can have any email address.
  • You can book the guest ticket separately but use your st-hughs email address to book that ticket.

There is a document containing detailed **Formal Hall FAQs** which can be found by following the link on our website. If you have any problems with booking or PayPal, email the [Wining/Dining officer](

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