Important Note - April 2018
We're currently in the process of moving to the most recent version of bookwhen. As a result, some of the current guidelines and "how to" documents may be out of date. If you have problems with booking tickets, particularly with adding guest tickets to your booking, please email the Wining and Dining Officer.
Important points to remember:

  • MCR Member tickets MUST be associated with the member's @st-hughs email address
  • When guest tickets are allowed, there is a maximum of 1 per member. All guest tickets MUST be associated with a member ticket - if you want to be sure that you've done this, just write the name of the associated member in the "other information" field when booking.
  • Tickets are only available for St Hugh's MCR members, so use your email address to sign up.
    If you buy tickets as non-MCR member, your booking will be cancelled without refund.

  • If guest tickets are available (e.g. normally there's one per person for formals), then you should book them after you've booked your own ticket. Just follow the link in your booking confirmation email, then add additional people on your personal booking page. You do not need to enter an email address, because the ticket is linked to yours. Please note: unless otherwise stated, there is a limit of ONE guest per MCR member.

  • Payment by PayPal is required within 12h to secure your spot, so make sure you pay right away.

  • Sometimes events sell out quickly. You will be notified by email sometime before when the event opens for bookings.

  • If you sell your ticket you must change the name on the ticket (on bookwhen) to the new person. If you are not able to do so then email the organiser of the event (e.g. Wining/Dining officer for Dinners) so that the list of attendees can be correctly updated. Obviously MCR member tickets can not be sold to guests. Please do not use the "Cancel my booking" option, as this will not trigger a refund.

  • There is a document containing detailed Formal Hall FAQs which can be found by following the link on our website.

If you have any problems with booking or PayPal, email the Wining/Dining officer.

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