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  • Courses are open to all current UCL students and staff. All sessions take place at the 20 Bedford Way campus.
    Please bring your student/staff ID card with you to any session.

How to Book

  1. Look through the schedule below and click on the course you are interested in.
  2. Check the course description displayed on the right (you may need to scroll to the top of the page to see the description) and check for any essential course prerequisites.
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Course guides and materials can be accessed from our new Moodle course: Digital Skills at IOE - Course Materials and Resource. To access, click the following link and self-enrol. LINK to Moodle Course

Course list and course descriptions sorted by category/software To access this list (PDF format) click the following link. LINK to Course List by Category

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October, 2018
23 Tue 10am - 11am INSPIRATION: Mind mapping tool - an overview
2pm - 4pm WORDPRESS FOR MAC USERS: Blogging with WordPress - introductory workshop
24 Wed 10am - 10:50am INFOGRAPHICS: DIY Infographics demo - using free online tools
2pm - 4:30pm ENDNOTE: Endnote - an introduction
25 Thu 11am - 12pm READ&WRITE: Text-to-speech software - an overview
2pm - 2:45pm SWAY: Microsoft's modern alternative to PowerPoint - an overview
3pm - 3:45pm POWERPOINT: Jazzing up your PowerPoint presentations
30 Tue 10am - 11am MAC OS: Workshop Part 2 - Shortcuts, tips and tricks in Mac OS
2pm - 3:30pm INFOGRAPHICS: Piktochart (workshop no. 1)
31 Wed 10am - 10:45am EXCEL: Pivot tables in Excel to analyse and summarize data
11am - 11:45am ONENOTE 2016: Organize your work/papers/life with Onenote - an overview
1 Thu 10am - 11:15am WORD: Styles and Tables of Contents
5 Mon 2pm - 2:45pm SWAY: Microsoft's modern alternative to PowerPoint - an overview
3pm - 3:50pm LIVE POLLING: Free live polling and Q&A tools for presenting/teaching
6 Tue 10am - 12:30pm ENDNOTE: Endnote - an introduction
7 Wed 10am - 11am PREZI: Introduction to Prezi
3pm - 4pm INSPIRATION: Mind mapping tool - an overview
8 Thu 10am - 11:30am ONENOTE 2016: OneNote digital notebooks - workshop
9 Fri 2pm - 3:30pm SCREENCASTING: Create your own instructional videos - workshop
13 Tue 10am - 11:30am SWAY: Microsoft's modern alternative to PowerPoint - Workshop
15 Thu 10am - 10:45am MICROSOFT TEAMS: Communication and Collaboration Tool Overview
11am - 11:50am SHAREPOINT: What is SharePoint and how can it help with team collaboration
3pm - 4:30pm EXCEL: Pivot Tables in Excel workshop
16 Fri 10am - 11am READ&WRITE: Text-to-speech software - an overview
19 Mon 2pm - 4:30pm ENDNOTE FOR MAC USERS: Endnote - an introduction
20 Tue 2pm - 2:45pm WORD: Word tips and tricks
3pm - 3:45pm EXCEL: Excel tips and tricks
22 Thu 10am - 11:30am INFOGRAPHICS: Visme (workshop no. 2)
23 Fri 2pm - 3:30pm EXCEL: Excel Workshop: VLookup
27 Tue 10am - 11:30am EXCEL 2016 FOR MACS: Pivot Tables in Excel
2pm - 4pm WORDPRESS: Blogging with WordPress - introductory workshop
28 Wed 2pm - 3:30pm XMIND: A free powerful mind mapping tool
30 Fri 10am - 11am VISIO FOR STAFF: Diagramming Tool - Overview
3 Mon 10am - 11:30am CLINIC / COURSE FOLLOW-UP
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