Greenwich Pantry Cookery School Calendar

At Greenwich Pantry, we are passionate about helping you cook and live well. Our cooking classes are well structured and full of participants enthusiastic about learning to cook and It is our absolute pleasure to host curious, lively people who love cooking, eating, making good conversation at the table. With plenty of opportunities to ask questions, our friendly and welcoming team are on hand to help participants through every aspect of the class.
We aim to offer you the best cooking class experience, as you chop, slice, mix and chitter chatter through the session, cooing over colourful vegetables, in a comforting backdrop making homely, heartwarming dishes. Classes take place at weekends and evenings and we are always happy to book your private sessions for family time and team building events.
Here you can book a range of cookery classes, events and workshops.

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agosto, 2021
17 mar 11:00 BST Summer Kids Cooking Course
18 mer 11:00 BST Summer Kids Cooking Course
18:15 BST Vegan Baking Class
19 gio 11:00 BST Summer Kids Cooking Course
3 ven 18:30 BST Vegan Baking Class
4 sab 11:00 BST Couples Cooking Class
8 mer 18:15 BST Bread Making Workshop
10 ven 18:00 BST Italian Cuisine Cooking Class
11 sab 10:00 BST Child and Adult Cookery Class
12:30 BST Teen Cooking Class
15 mer 18:15 BST Gluten Free Baking Class
17 ven 18:30 BST Learn to make sushi
18 sab 11:00 BST Pastry and Pie Making Class
11:00 BST Vegan Pastry & Pie Making Class
22 mer 18:15 BST Gluten Free Cooking
24 ven 18:30 BST Vegan Cooking Class
25 sab 10:30 BST Sourdough Bread Making
29 mer 18:15 BST Ayuverdic Cooking Class
1 ven 18:00 BST West African Cooking Class
2 sab 11:00 BST Saturday Vegan Baking Class
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