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Greenwich Pantry Cooking School Calendar

Greenwich Pantry cooking school is for kids and adults, beginners or advanced. Our cooking classes are full of participants enthusiastic about learning to cook and It is our absolute pleasure to host curious, lively people who love cooking, eating and making good conversation at the table. With plenty of opportunities to perfect your repertoire, our friendly and welcoming team are on hand to help participants through every aspect of the class.
We are committed to offering the best cooking class experience, as you chop, slice, mix and chitter chatter through the session, cooing over colourful vegetables, in a comforting backdrop making homely, heartwarming dishes. Classes take place at weekends and evenings and we are always happy to book your private sessions for family time and team building events.

Here you can book a range of cookery classes, events and workshops.

Od 22 lut 2024
lutego, 2024
28 śro. 17:45 GMT
1 pią. Kurs: 5 data
Kurs: 5 data
6 śro. 17:45 GMT
8 pią. Kurs: 4 data
18:30 GMT
9 sob. 10:30 GMT
13 śro. 17:45 GMT
15 pią. 18:30 GMT
20 śro. 17:45 GMT
27 śro. 17:45 GMT
29 pią. 18:30 GMT
30 sob. 11:00 GMT
17 śro. 17:45 BST
20 sob. 10:30 BST
11:00 BST
24 śro. 17:45 BST
26 pią. 18:30 BST
18:30 BST
1 śro. 17:45 BST
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