Kielder Waterside Activities

From 25 Sep 2020
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September, 2020
25 Fri 8am - 9am Revive Gym
8am - 9am Swimming Pool
9am - 10am Mini Golf
9am - 10am Revive Gym
9am - 10am Swimming Pool
10am - 11am Mini Golf
10am - 11am Revive Gym
10am - 11am Swimming Pool
11am - 12pm Mini Golf
11am - 12pm Revive Gym
11am - 12pm Swimming Pool
12pm - 1pm Mini Golf
1pm - 2pm Mini Golf
1pm - 2pm Revive Gym
2pm - 3pm Mini Golf
2pm - 3pm Revive Gym
2pm - 3pm Swimming Pool
3pm - 3:45pm Walk with the Trees
3pm - 4pm Mini Golf
3pm - 4pm Revive Gym
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