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Little City Cambridge Party Hire

Welcome to Little City Cambridge - Party Hire

Little City offers a party with a difference, where your birthday child can be the star of their very own role play City!

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🥳Little City parties are award winning and will be remembered by you and your birthday star for a very long time!

⭐You will receive 2 hours exclusive hire for up to 30 under 6's; this includes all the toys and equipment plus a couple of extra party touches!
The birthday star will be the 'Mayor' for the day and get to cut the ribbon to open their very own City!

🎁Included in the hire is Little City invites and a special party sticker for all your guests, plus a small gift for the birthday child.
We also have a growing number of optional extra's to make the day even more special.

👑All you need to do is hire a space and bring the kids! The City ideally needs a hall that is at least 12 x 8 meters to fit it all in and give the kids enough space to play.
The space must be indoors with easy access to unload the van - it takes a lot of items to build a City! We require 1.5 hours to set up and an hour to pack away, which must be included in the space you hire.

🎉We are always really honoured to be part of any child's birthday so will ensure they and their friends have as much fun as possible - which is very easy with so much to do at Little City!

📆You can check our current availability and pop in a party request by selecting a date below.

❓If you have any questions please do get in touch at

From 25 Jun 2024
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