Welcome to Little City Southend

Your Little City adventure starts here!

We can't wait for you to come and play! A little insight into our sessions before you book...

• Operating only from our largest, Covid-secure venues.
• A reduction in the numbers of playing children.
• Non exempt adults encouraged to wear masks, and group leader to wear a visor.
• Hand gel to be used on arrival.
• 'Scrub Tub' for the cleaning of mouthed toys.
• ‘Washing basket’ for any worn dress up.
• Ongoing cleaning of main 'touch points' throughout the session.
• Implementation of new wipe clean props throughout the City.
• Additional cleaning time between sessions.
• Provision of anti bacterial wipes and hand gels throughout the City for parental use between bays.
• Free transfer of tickets for anybody unable to play due to illness or self isolation, with more than 48 hours notice.
• Formal Infection Control training undertaken.
• Those using the NHS covid - 19 app will be able to scan in by mobile upon arrival.

• The price listed is per child and gives entry to our city and all the play areas available.
• You are responsible for your own child/children at all times.
• Term-time sessions are limited to under 5's only, this is because the equipment and toys are all suited for pre-schoolers, and the height of the equipment has been set for that age range.
• We welcome up to the age of 6 during school holidays.
• BABIES/CRAWLERS: non-walking siblings are free with a paying child and do not need a ticket. Please if possible wear baby in a sling and leave buggies or pushchairs outside the venue to allow for as much space as possible to play.
• EXTRA ADULTS: there will now be a small number of additional adult tickets to purchase alongside a paying adult child ticket. These are limited with space in mind for each session
• Tea & coffee is available for the grown-ups, this is just £1.50 per cup: we take card and cash payments for snacks and drinks.
• We expect and encourage full adult-participation at our play sessions. Whilst we want the children to interact with each other we know how much they love to play with you and this gives you a great opportunity to start lots of lovely conversations and different experiences with your child.

If you have any questions about procedures in our sessions, please let me know: cara@littlecityuk.com 07367737731

From 28 Nov 2021
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December, 2021
3 Fri 9:30am GMT Little City - Leigh-on-Sea (Christmas)
11am GMT Little City - Leigh-on-Sea (Christmas)
12:30pm GMT Little City - Leigh-on-Sea (Christmas)
4 Sat 9:45am GMT Little City - Leigh - CHRISTMAS MARKET WEEKEND EVENT
6 Mon 10am GMT Little City - Benfleet (Christmas)
11:30am GMT Little City - Benfleet (Christmas)
8 Wed 10am GMT Little City - Downham (Christmas)
11:30am GMT Little City - Downham (Christmas)
9 Thu 9:45am GMT Little City - Westcliff (Christmas)
11:15am GMT Little City - Westcliff (Christmas)
13 Mon 10am GMT Little City - Langdon Hills (Christmas)
11:30am GMT Little City - Langdon Hills (Christmas)
15 Wed 9:45am GMT Little City - Rayleigh (Christmas)
11:15am GMT Little City - Rayleigh (Christmas)
17 Fri 9:45am GMT Little City - Southend (Christmas)
11:15am GMT Little City - Southend (Christmas)
22 Wed 10am GMT Little City - Hawkwell (Christmas)
11:30am GMT Little City - Hawkwell (Christmas)
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