Welcome to Little City - West Suffolk

Your Little City adventure starts here!

We can't wait for you to come and play! A few notes though, just before you book.

Each session is 1hr 15 minutes.
If you book more than 3 children on one session you get 10% off! The price listed is per child and gives entry to our city and all the play areas available.
Sessions are limited to under 5's only, this is because the equipment and toys are all suited for pre-schoolers, and the height of the equipment has been set for that age range.
We welcome younger non-walking children and babies, and don't expect them book a space.
Tea & coffee is available for the grown-ups, this is just £1.50 per cup.
We expect and encourage full adult-participation too! Whilst we want the children to interact with each other, we know how much they love to play with you and this gives you a great opportunity to start lots of lovely conversations and different experiences with your child.

If you have any questions, do let me know: kate@littlecityuk.com 07854419154 x


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August, 2019
23 Fri 9:30am - 10:45am Little City - Rickinghall
11am - 12:15pm Little City - Rickinghall
27 Tue 9:30am - 10:45am Little City - Thurston
11am - 12:15pm Little City - Thurston
1pm - 2:15pm Little City - Thurston
29 Thu 9:30am - 10:45am Little City - Mildenhall
11am - 12:15pm Little City - Mildenhall
30 Fri 9:30am - 10:45am Little City - Hintlesham
11am - 12:15pm Little City - Hintlesham
2 Mon 9:15am - 10:30am Little City - Bury St Edmunds
10:45am - 12pm Little City - Bury St Edmunds
3 Tue 9:30am - 10:45am Little City - Great Blakenham
11am - 12:15pm Little City - Great Blakenham
5 Thu 9:30am - 10:45am Little City - Palgrave, Diss
11am - 12:15pm Little City - Palgrave, Diss
6 Fri 9:30am - 10:45am Little City MUNCHKINS - Kennett (Newmarket)
11am - 12:15pm Little City - Kennett (Newmarket)
1pm - 2:15pm Little City - Kennett (Newmarket)
9 Mon 9:30am - 10:45am Little City - Acton
11am - 12:15pm Little City - Acton
Times shown in timezone: London