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Term-Time Family Adventures

Term-Time Family Adventures

For toddlers and children up to 6 years old and their parents and carers in term time.

Early spring term is now in session!

If you have any questions, we'd love to hear from you. We are usually busy playing in the woods so the best way to be in touch is to send us an email so we can get back to you once we’ve got home and washed our hands! Drop us a line on Or, if you’d prefer to chat, you can always call us on 07855 625402.

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For more information on Little Wild Things and what we do visit our website here .

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From 13 Apr 2024
January, 2024
1 Mon 365 days
22 Mon 9:30am BST
9:30am BST
24 Wed 12:45pm BST
12:45pm BST
25 Thu 9:30am BST
9:30am BST
26 Fri 9:30am BST
9:30am BST
29 Mon 9:30am BST
1 Wed 12:45pm BST
2 Thu 9:30am BST
3 Fri 9:30am BST
8 Wed 12:45pm BST
9 Thu 9:30am BST
10 Fri 9:30am BST
13 Mon 9:30am BST
15 Wed 12:45pm BST
16 Thu 9:30am BST
17 Fri 9:30am BST
20 Mon 9:30am BST
22 Wed 12:45pm BST
23 Thu 9:30am BST
24 Fri 9:30am BST
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