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Book your Alpaca Experience Online

Book online to secure your place on an alpaca experience.

Please note that treks are not suitable for under 5s. Children aged 5-12 must each share an alpaca with a paying adult. Meet & Greets are suitable for all ages.

From 17 Jul 2024
January, 2024
1 Mon 365 days
365 days
18 Thu 10am BST
10:30am BST
19 Fri 10:30am BST
12pm BST
20 Sat 2pm BST
2:30pm BST
22 Mon 10:30am BST
12pm BST
23 Tue 10am BST
10:30am BST
25 Thu 10:30am BST
12pm BST
26 Fri 10am BST
11:30am BST
27 Sat 2pm BST
2:30pm BST
29 Mon 10am BST
10:30am BST
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