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🟣 Liverpool 🔴 Knowsley ⚪️ St Helens 🟢 Halton

Bringing mums together!
FREE buggy walks in St Helens, Knowsley, Halton and Liverpool

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From 27 Sep 2021
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September, 2021
27 Mon 11:15am BST Mamafit® GO: Buggy Running - Liverpool
7:15pm BST Mamafit® @ HOME: HIIT ONLINE
7:30pm BST ★NEW★ Mamafit® Pregnancy Pilates
28 Tue 9:45am BST ★NEW★ Mamafit® HIIT: Court Hey Park
10am BST Mamafit® HIIT: Otterspool
1:30pm BST ★NEW★ Mamafit® HIIT: Halton
1:30pm BST ★NEW★ Mamafit® Postnatal Pilates
3:30pm BST ★NEW★ Mamafit® CIRCUITS: Bodyweight - St Helens
7:15pm BST Mamafit® CIRCUITS: Otterspool
8pm BST Mamafit® HIIT: Otterspool
29 Wed 11:15am BST Mamafit® CIRCUITS: Otterspool
1:30pm BST Mamafit® @ HOME: HIIT ONLINE
7:30pm BST ★NEW★ Mamafit® @ HOME: Pregnancy Pilates
30 Thu 1:45pm BST ★NEW★ Mamafit® ALL: Mums Fitness - Kirkby
7pm BST ★NEW★ Mamafit® ALL: Pregnancy Fitness - South Liverpool
8pm BST ★NEW★ Mamafit® HIIT - Indoor: South Liverpool
1 Fri 11am BST ★NEW★ Mamafit® ALL: Mums Fitness - Woolton/Halewood
1pm BST ★NEW★ Mamafit® CIRCUITS: Bodyweight - Court Hey Park
1:30pm BST ★NEW★ Mamafit® @ HOME: Postnatal Pilates
4 Mon 7:15pm BST Mamafit® @ HOME: HIIT ONLINE
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