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Mindcomplete - Mindfulness Meditation and Yoga Nidra

For me my Mindfulness practice is more powerful than anything I ever learnt in medical school. I have worked within the health service for over 30years, but discovering mindfulness was the most transformational experience in my life. As I felt the benefits in my daily life I knew I just had to share this ancient practice. Mindfulness I consider is for everyone, so do not worry if you have never experienced meditation before. It is a very simple practice of paying attention to the present moment by using our breath and body as anchors to the now. When we do so we begin to unhook from the constant busy thoughts, that often create stresses for us. We begin to find some calm in the chaos that is life. We begin to embrace all of life as it is in all its messiness !

YOGA NIDRA is another ancient practice that our ancestors recognised the importance of taking rest. This is often forgotten or we feel guilty in our modern lives. It is a practice usually performed lying down or in a position to be at rest. I will gently guide you to a state of deep rest and relaxation where the wisdom of your body can restore its own natural balance. If nothing else it will bring a good nights sleep.

I am now re establishing schedules for you. At present a regular weekly live session with a mix of Mindfulness and yoga nidra around a theme relevant to modern life. I am also offering a monthly virtual yoga nidra session for those not able to attend live sessions. More events to follow but in the meantime if you require help with anything please ask. I offer mindfulness courses in one to one teaching or small groups. I can co-create one to one personal yoga nidra for your needs. If you are a business trying to bring relaxation to your staff or help them deal with work place stress, courses and one off sessions can be developed for your businesses requirements.
All teaching is in a relaxed informal manner with lots of opportunity for questions and reflections. The emphasis is on the experiential practice rather than bombarding you with lots of information. Courses all include written material and audio links to the practices.

Answers to booking FAQs can be found here -

" Look past your thoughts, so you may drink the pure nectar of This Moment " - Rumi

From 5 Oct 2022
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