Moo Music Stowmarket, Debenham and Needham Market

Welcome to the schedule of classes run by Moo Music Stowmarket, Debenham, and Needham Market.

🐮 Mooborn Nurture is the perfect course for new mothers with little ones from birth until 12 weeks at the start of the course. It includes new mediation and reiki techniques to help support you and your newborn little ones transition through the fourth trimester.

🐮 Mooborn Massage is our Baby Massage course, it's designed for those aged 6 weeks to not yet on the move.

🐮 Mooborn Reflexology is our Baby Reflexology course, its designed for those aged 4 weeks to not yet on the move.

🐮 Our Baby Moo Massage and Stretch course is suitable for those with babies over 12 weeks. This course includes techniques from our Mooborn Baby Massage Course and gentle introductory baby yoga moves.

🐮 Baby Moo Yoga is suitable for those with babies over 16 weeks. This course is a continuation of moves introduced in the Baby Moo Massage and Stretch, however, you can join as a stand-alone course, which supports your baby's development. It does involve some movements by you for your baby to experience but it isn't yoga for you.

🐮 Baby Moo is our musical fun and interactive class for our youngest moovers, from birth until 8 months.

🐮 Mini Moo is our musical fun and interactive class for moovers 8 months until confidently walking or 18 months old.

🐮 Maxi Moo is our musical fun and interactive class for moovers over 2 years old.

🐮 Mixed Moo is our musical fun and interactive class for everyone and great for those sibling moovers as well as those wobbly walking until they start school.

🐮 Maxi Moo Yoga is our yoga class for toddlers aged around 2years until they start school. They will learn yoga moves and breathing techniques as well as some toddler reflexology.

🐮 Messy Moo is our messy play classes for those sitting supported until they start school, older siblings are also welcome. They are truly a messy experience.

Don't fancy a face to face, great news our Moo at Home classes are recorded classes along with crafts as well as activities. So you can enjoy Moo Music in your own home with your little one. Each class has a new theme, with crafts themed too and activities.

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From 18 Sep 2021
September, 2021
20 Mon Course: 6 dates Mini Moo (8-18months) Monday@10.45 Autumn Half Term 1
22 Wed Course: 5 dates Mini Moo (8-18months) Wednesday@10.45 Autumn Half Term 1
Times shown in timezone: London