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Jackii Ball ~ Human Movement Coach & Corrective Exercise Specialist ~ MoveUnlimited Scotland

Jackii teaches four different modalities: - modified mat-based Pilates; the MELT Method for Self-Treatment Hands-Off Body Work; Hanna Somatic Education and Corrective Exercise as taught by Nutritious Movement creator Katy Bowman, getting to many "un-reached" and sedentary areas of the body. If you want more than a workout; knowledge of how to care for and move your body with more awareness to prevent injury, for life-long use, you have found the right classes.

Don't put up with niggling aches - why not try MELTing them away? The MELT Method has the science and clinical back-up behind it, shown to reduce aches and stiffness, improve performance and erase the negative effects of ageing. By treating the connective tissue in the body MELT is for anyone who wants to combat chronic pain as well as common issues like: sleep difficulties ~ digestive problems ~ midday fatigue ~ bloating or weight gain ~ visible signs of ageing ~ cellulite. MELT can give your body that bounce-back feeling! Join me at_moveunlimited ♡ Aligning, strengthening and smooshing your body to enjoy being active everyday♡_.

Access online sessions in your home by booking from this page. Short class descriptions:
Align for Health ~ Stretch Breath Strengthen is a easy-paced gentle corrective exercise programme with Hanna Somatic moves to address backache and get in touch with the forgotten muscles of our bodies, and corrective exercise, pursuing the novel idea that movement is part of the body's nutritional needs, just like vitamins are essential nutrients. Our sedentary, and even active lifestyles are missing out on unique moves that help nourish body tissues. This class is spent mostly in floor based exercises lying down;
Pilates Stretch & Strengthen formerly called Pilates Aligned, is a combined Pilates and corrective exercise class, of modified mat Pilates moves woven in with alignment and corrective exercise, this is a slightly stronger class with time spent in standing and sitting exercises as well as floor based exercises;
Feel-Better-Fascia A shorter class helping you out of pain and feeling good again is the MELT Method Hand & Foot Treatment. We tend to take our hands and feet for granted. Treating the feet can improve knee and hip issues, treating the hands can help breathing, shoulder, neck and back tightness. Our extremities are probably the most neglected body parts when it comes to movement care. This is a 40 minute specialized session treating those hard working areas using small balls;
MELT Away Stress - Relaxation with a Roller formerly called "let's get this body rolling" is a whole body restoring and toning class that uses a long soft roller to fully explore the re-hydrating massage techniques the MELT Method has to offer, including moves that access neurological pathways for better timing and motor control of muscles. It's all good stuff! Warning - some people want to fall asleep after this class as they feel SO relaxed. Come and get smooshed!

I am passionate about bringing you 21st century self-care and Mindful-Body Essentials for optimal movement as I am of the belief that lifelong wellness is within reach.

Jackii is a Corrective Exercise Specialist trained by author and biomechanist Katy Bowman of Nutritious Movement, a Hanna Somatic Coach trained by author Martha Peterson of Essential Somatics and a Neurostrength MELT Instructor Level 5, trained by author and MELT Method creator Sue Hitzmann.

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