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Kids love getting messy and experiencing new things! Award-winning Muckypups is all about providing fun opportunities to explore and discover through exciting creative play. We provide activities which engage and enhance the development of every child’s natural imagination and curiosity.

Toddler Muckypups & Mandarin Muckypups - suitable for 1-3yrs old, from walking.
Mini Muckypups - suitable for 5-14mths (some classes from 4-12mths), not yet walking.

Mandarin Muckypups Mini Muckypups Toddler Muckypups
From 27 Feb 2024
February, 2024
28 Wed 3:15pm UTC +8
5 Tue 10:30am UTC +8
6 Wed 3:15pm UTC +8
12 Tue 10:30am UTC +8
13 Wed 3:15pm UTC +8
19 Tue 10:30am UTC +8
20 Wed 3:15pm UTC +8
26 Tue 10:30am UTC +8
27 Wed 3:15pm UTC +8
Times shown in timezone: Singapore