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Van 8 dec 2021
december, 2021
9 do 365 dagen Gift Voucher with Gift Certificate
18 za 10:00 GMT Earring Making Workshop
januari, 2022
15 za Cursus: 4 datum Improver Course: Working with Gold
17 ma Cursus: 10 datum Silver Jewellery Evening Class
18 di Cursus: 10 datum Hollow Form Ring Course
24 ma Cursus: 8 datum Silver Jewellery Morning Class
26 wo Cursus: 7 datum Collet Setting Course
28 vr Cursus: 8 datum Hollow Form Ring Course
29 za Cursus: 9 datum Beginner Silver Jewellery Course
5 za 10:00 GMT Enamelling Taster Class
19 za 10:00 GMT Round Rub Over Faceted Setting Workshop
5 za 10:00 GMT Silver Bangle Taster Class
19 za 10:00 GMT Stone Setting Taster Class
26 za Cursus: 4 datum Weekend Beginner Silver Jewellery Course
23 za 10:00 BST Anticlastic Raising Workshop
27 wo Cursus: 10 datum Beginner Silver Jewellery Course
21 za 10:00 BST Faceted Stone Setting Taster Class
11 za 10:00 BST Stone Setting Taster Class
25 za 10:00 BST Silver Jewellery Taster Class - Leaf Pendant
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