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Yoga classes

All of our Yoga classes take place in our exercise studio located at our new clinic at 80 Kirkland Court. We only work with instructors who are experts in their field and have a proven track history of teaching over many years.
We like to keep our class sizes small so that your instructor has the time to keep a close eye on your technique and provide individual feedback and cues to help you improve and stay safe.
Our ongoing Covid-19 secure procedures require all class attendees to bring with them their own yoga mat and head support (yoga blocks or a towel is fine). Our exercise studio is large enough to ensure that you can maintain a safe distance from your fellow class mates and we request that all attendees wear a face covering whilst entering and leaving the building (once you are on your mat you are allowed to remove your mask during the class if you so wish).
On entrance to the building every attendee will have to read through our Covid-19 screening questions and confirm that they have no current symptoms.

Od 5 gru 2022
grudzień, 2022
6 wto. Kurs: 3 data Face to Face Level 2 Flow Yoga class Tuesday 4.50 - 5.50pm instructor Steph Parmenter
7 śro. Kurs: 3 data Face to Face Level 1 Beginners/improvers Yoga class Wednesday 11:30am-12:30pm instructor Steph Parmenter
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