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From 24 Mar 2023
March, 2023
24 Fri 9:30am GMT Ways to Well-being Gentle Exercise
1pm GMT Bellyfit Sage Dipton
6pm GMT PolePT with GI July
6:15pm GMT Rockfit with Sgt Sarah
25 Sat 9am GMT Booty Camp
10am GMT Barre 30
10:30am GMT Abs Smasher
26 Sun 10am BST Bellyfit Flow with GI July
11:15am BST Barre Fitness
1pm BST
Circus Circuits
3:15pm BST PolePT
4:30pm BST PolePT
27 Mon 9:45am BST Bellyfit Sage Castleside
6:15pm BST JumpPT Xtreme with Sgt Sarah
7pm BST Abs Smasher with Sgt Sarah
7:15pm BST Pole Lollipop
7:30pm BST Groove n Glow with Sgt Sarah
28 Tue 9:30am BST Gentle aerobics for all with Sergeant Sarah
9:45am BST Ways to Well-being Gentle Exercise
1:30pm BST AgeUK Gentle exercise Sacriston
Times shown in timezone: London