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Thinking Talking

Spoken language is important for learning and life chances for all children and young people. Never has spoken language been more important.
Through our training, which is all based on our bestselling resources. we give practitioners the skills to support all children, as well as those with language vulnerabilities.

'Word Aware 1' is a whole school approach for teaching vocabulary for children aged 5 to 11.
'Word Aware 2' is the Early Years equivalent of the above and suited to those who work with children aged 3 to 5.
'Language for Thinking' is a targeted intervention to develop verbal reasoning and inference skills.
'Language for Behaviour and Emotions' (LFBE) is a specific programme to support young people with speech, language and communication needs and social and emotional health needs. Developed in partnership with Melanie Cross. There are 3 LFBE courses: 2 day for a complete introduction and a half day 'quick start' for those whose role is intervention only, plus a free gathering evidence seminar for those interested in audit and research.

All school staff need to be involved in language development, and so all are welcome on our courses.

Anna Branagan and Stephen Parsons, the authors of both 'Word Aware' and 'Language for Thinking' run all training sessions booked via this page. Melanie Cross is specifically involved with 'Language for Behaviour and Emotions.'

It is also possible to commission a course for your school or service. Please go to for details.

Invoices incur an administrative charge of £20.

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