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Welcome to the online booking system for Transcend Studios.

Here you are able to book any studio classes that we have available, Please note the extra precautions with regards to Covid-19 and ensure that you read through our Activity Disclaimer and covid-19 information sheet. Should you have any symptoms, feel at all unwell or have been in contact with anyone who has tested positive for Covid-19 (including yourself) within the past 14 days please do not attend the studio. We are working hard to ensure our studio space is as safe as possible and if we work together we will be able to achieve this.

Please wear your mask into class and sanitise on arrival at the studio, we have lots of sanitising stations available for you to use.

Please be aware that class bookings are non refundable, we will accept cancellations and class transfers up to 24 hours in advance. Should you become unwell within our 24 hour cancellation period please contact your class teacher to arrange an alternative class to transfer too.

Please visit our treatment booking page below.

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From 26 Sep 2021
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September, 2021
26 Sun 4:15pm BST Soulful Sundays - Sound Healing Sessions
6pm BST Women’s Workshop with Claire
27 Mon 5pm BST Teen Yoga - Studio Class with Charlotte
6pm BST Vinyasa Yoga Flow - Studio class with Charlott
7pm BST Pilates - Studio Class with Belle
8pm BST Pilates Barre & Core - Studio Class with Belle
28 Tue 7:30am BST Tranquil Tuesdays Meditation Session - Studio Class with Cherry
11:15am BST Hatha yoga - Studio class with Cath
29 Wed 10am BST Mum & Baby yoga - studio class with Jenni
11am BST Yoga - Stay and Play - Studio class with Jenni
6pm BST Group Meditation Session And Reiki Heaing - Studio Class with Linda
7pm BST Hatha Yoga - Studio Class with Claire
30 Thu 10am BST Pilates - Studio Class with Belle
11am BST Tai Chi for Wellbeing - Studio class Paulo/Cath
12pm BST Healthy For Life - fitness for all
7pm BST Dance Fitness - Studio Class
8pm BST Trapeze Yoga - Studio class with Belle / Single or Trapeze Class Pass bookings (this class is not available under the regular class pass)
1 Fri 7:30am BST Hatha Yoga - Studio Class with Claire
9:30am BST Pilates - Studio Class with Belle
10:15am BST Baby massage - studio class with Jenni
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