A&R Yoga is a practitioner-centric laboratory where students are given progressions, modifications, and numerous opportunities to play around, appreciate, and hopefully, better understand their bodies and themselves.

Everybody is welcome to all our classes! Our teachers are also able to provide students with relevant alternatives for the physical work embraced in class.

Class Levels:

Beginning Practitioner
These classes are designed for those who are interested in learning the physical practice of yoga.
We help students build strength and teach practitioners what’s possible in their own bodies as well as how to move their bodies more efficiently.

Physically Demanding
These classes are designed for practitioners who want more vigorous and intense physical practices.

Multifaceted Practice
These classes incorporate other aspects of yoga practice, including philosophy, pranayama, and guided meditation practices.

From 18 Oct 2021
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October, 2021
18 Mon 6:30am HKT Foundations Flow
10am HKT Community Practice: Golden Age Yoga
6:30pm HKT Skill Build
19 Tue 10am HKT Yoga at Play
4:30pm HKT Yoga at Play
20 Wed 6:30am HKT Jumpstart Flow
10am HKT Community Practice: Golden Age Yoga
6:30pm HKT Freedom Play
21 Thu 10am HKT Weighted Movement
4:30pm HKT Mindful Movement
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