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Liberty Pole Dance Academy Online Booking Page

De 13 ago 2022
agosto, 2022
15 lun 18:00 BST Pole Fundamentals for Pole Beginners (Lisa)
19:00 BST Higher Beginners Pole Group (PAYG) working on beginner inverts and combos
Curso: 3 fechas Higher Beginners pole 4 week block
16 mar 18:00 BST Intermediate pole group with Sally
19:00 BST Girls night heels routine
17 mié 18:00 BST Beginners pole session (Wednesday)
19:00 BST Intermediate pole not suitable for those new to inverts ! (Wednesday)
20:00 BST Pole Private with Wizz (Wednesday)
18 jue 10:00 BST Pole private with Lisa (Thursday)
11:00 BST Pole private Lisa
12:00 BST Pole private with Lisa (Telford)
13:00 BST Pole private Lisa
14:00 BST Pole private with Lisa (Telford)
18:00 BST Mixed ability Pole class (Thursday)
19:00 BST Intermediate pole must be comfortable in inverted positions no beginners )
20:00 BST Lollipop Class
19 vie 17:00 BST Pole private Lisa
18:00 BST Higher Beginners Pole Group (Friday)
19:00 BST reserved for Hitzone crew (private booking)
20:00 BST Pole private With lisa
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