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Flow Pilates Studio

FlowPilatesKent is situated within the Medway Towns, Chatham. You will find that the studio is easily accessible from the A229 and for those living in the local community.
FlowPilatesKent is the first dynamic Pilates studio of its kind in Medway, the studio offers a variety of Pilates and Yoga classes, including a run club for all abilities at affordable prices. Taryne McPherson the founder of FlowPilatesKent is a fully qualified Pilates instructor, Personal Trainer and UKA athletic run coach. Taryne holds qualifications in Pre and Post Natal exercise, kettlebell strength training, sports massage, and exercise for special populations including a certificate to teach Pilates for Osteoporosis and Pelvic floor health.
Taryne believes that there should be no barrier to exercise, you will find the class timetable is open to all members of the community to exercise in a safe, welcoming, and mentally nurturing environment.
Taryne has an enthusiastic approach to movement and Pilates in general, her passion is to introduce Pilates to the members of the public living in Medway, to allow them to experience the wonderful and life changing benefits offered by the mythology of Pilates.

5 febr. 2023-től
február, 2023
18 szo. 10:00 GMT Pilates (open week)
12:00 GMT Vinyasa Flow (open week)
20 h. 13:05 GMT Vinyasa Yoga (open week)
21 k. 10:05 GMT Pre Natal Yoga (open week)
22 sze. 13:00 GMT Beginner Pilates (open week)
18:30 GMT Vinyasa Flow (open week)
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