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Joanne Bull Yoga & Wellbeing

I encourage my clients to listen to their body to avoid over straining and forcing and to tap into a sense of ease and flow. My yoga teaching interweaves the work of Vanda Scaravelli and modern anatomy knowledge and I am also influenced by sound and meditation and use references to nature and poetry when I teach. As well as being a qualified Yoga teacher I am a therapeutic massage therapist mainly using traditional Thai massage.

I am an advocate for 'less is more';using rest and playfulness to open up the body and calm the mind. A beginners eye and mind are helpful with this practice to free up habitual patterns of tension, to heighten our attention to the magnificence of the body and to create space.

I hope you will enjoy practicing in this way as I encourage you to 'be kind to your body so that it can respond in an incredible way' Vanda's words from her inspirational book 'Awakening the Spine' and I couldn't agree more!

Keep well and stay calm Joe :)

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