6-Week Beginners Level One Hatha Yoga Course

Aroma House, 3-5 Cremyll Road, Caversham, RG1 8NQ


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  • do, 13 sep '18   19:15 - 20:30  - gedaan
  • do, 20 sep '18   19:15 - 20:30  - gedaan
  • do, 27 sep '18   19:15 - 20:30  - gedaan
  • do, 4 okt '18   19:15 - 20:30  - gedaan
  • do, 11 okt '18   19:15 - 20:30  - gedaan
  • do, 18 okt '18   19:15 - 20:30  - gedaan

This course is designed for those who are either completely new to Yoga or who have already started classes but would like some clarification on the basics.

What is included?
In this course we will cover standing, balancing and seated poses as well as sun salutations, finishing poses and relaxation. We will also be focusing on correct alignment, posture and breathing and learn how to balance ease and effort in each pose. My aim is to help you develop a strong foundation in Yoga and begin to experience some of the many benefits it offers including:
Stress/ Anxiety Relief
Enhanced Mental Clarity
Improved Flexibility and Strength
Better Posture
Sleeping Better

Tickets / Boekingstypes

6-Week Beginners Hatha Yoga Course
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Aroma House, 3-5 Cremyll Road, Caversham, RG1 8NQ