NurtureYou Yoga online & private, outdoors after Easter

Welcome to NurtureYou Yoga, Winchester!
All my online and outdoor classes have a relaxed, friendly atmosphere, where you will feel valued and, with regular practice, you will reach your full potential, whatever that might be. I guarantee that your body and mind will feel so much better after each class, and even better with regular attendance.
Why you should give it a go?
Yoga improves flexibility, posture, strength and balance; and reduces aches and pains (including lower back pain), high blood pressure, heart disease.
At an emotional level yoga helps reduce depression, anxiety and stress (NHS Live Well). With regular practice, you will start to move more easily and feel better.
What will I do?
Sessions, suitable for more advanced students and beginners alike, typically include warm up stretches; different postures (Asanas), adapted for every level; breathing exercises (Pranayama); and a short meditation (Dhyana) or lovely relaxation to finish on. I always offer options so everybody feels included and works safely at their own level.
Can I afford it?
During the pandemic my online yoga offer includes a special low income class pass for people whose financial circumstances have been severely affected. In solidarity.
I simply ask that you select this option only if it genuinely applies to you.
Isn't it just for women?
Certainly not! Men really enjoy my classes too.
What will I wear?
Something warm and comfortable: it's not a fashion show! If you don't have a mat for the online yoga, a towel for starters will be fine.
A warm welcome awaits everyone,
Jocelyn x

Refund policy

Refunds will only be given in exceptional circumstances.