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From 16 Oct 2021
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October, 2021
18 Mon 10am BST 🌳espresso yoga flow: twist detox
7pm BST 🌳strong yoga flow - energy booster
20 Wed 7pm BST 🌝October full moon celebration includes introduction to the power of Crystals
21 Thu 9:30am BST 🤍online yoga flow: strength of mind is strength of body
22 Fri 10am BST 🌳espresso yoga flow: self love and self care
6pm BST 🌳end of week release - stress buster
23 Sat 5pm BST 🔥Fire & Breath - A spectacular empowering Fire-walking evening collaboration with the fabulous Elemental Empowerment
25 Mon 10am BST 🌳espresso yoga flow: relax with me - yoga Nidra
7pm BST 🌳strong yoga flow: strengthen your lower body
29 Fri 10am BST 🌳espresso yoga flow - all about the hips
6pm BST 🌳end of week yoga flow - strong beautiful yoga legs and feet
30 Sat 10am BST 🌳*NEW* mother and daughter yoga and wellness PART 1: CLEARING ENERGY
31 Sun 10am GMT 🌞🌳all day workshop: yogic nutrition... for weight balance, tone and self love
6 Sat 10am GMT 🌳Breathe with me: three techniques to improve mood, mind state and the respiratory system
8 Mon 7pm GMT 🌳strong yoga flow - strong beautiful yoga legs and feet
12 Fri 10am GMT 🌳espresso yoga flow: relax with me - yoga Nidra
19 Fri 7pm GMT 🌝Beautiful monthly full Beaver moon - November celebration
22 Mon 7pm GMT 🌳strong yoga flow: core strength within
23 Tue 9:30am GMT 🤍restorative online yoga: vagus nerve and central nervous system
26 Fri 6pm GMT 🌳end of week yoga flow - all about the hips
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