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Online Pilates

Online Pilates

Dates de cette série d'événements

  • lun, 27 sept. '21   1 jour  - terminé
  • lun, 4 oct. '21   1 jour  - terminé
  • lun, 11 oct. '21   1 jour  - terminé
  • lun, 18 oct. '21   1 jour  - terminé


Focusing on strengthening our deep, stabilising and core muscles, helping to improve posture, muscle tone and to relieve pain.


Enjoy your weekly practice whenever, wherever you like with a new class sent out to you each Monday & available all week!

Wear whatever you feel comfortable to move in & socks/layers in the cooler months.
You will need a Yoga/Pilates may also like to use blocks, a strap & a blanket for a cosy relaxation.


Online Pilates
Ticket pour toute la série d'événements - pour toutes les 4 dates.
Disponible jusqu'au lun 18 oct. '21 00:00