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Management & Supervisor Training Course Schedule

As an award winning training provider, we have provided inspirational management, leadership and team training solutions to a wide range of global businesses for the last 18 years.

We relish the opportunity to work with organisations to improve workplace performance. It is very straightforward: you identify a need, we work with you and offer a choice of solutions using our team’s management experience, excellent facilitation and developmental expertise.

Our success has been built upon listening carefully to our clients and working with them to develop individuals and teams - and at the same time providing real ROI.

Below is a schedule of our upcoming remote online webinar courses open to anybody wishing to book a place(s).

Simply choose the course you would like to book onto and follow the instructions. If you have any questions or you would like to discuss bespoke training and development needs call us on (01778) 382719 or email us on

From 15 Jun 2024
June, 2024
18 Tue 10am BST
20 Thu 10am BST
24 Mon 10am BST
5 Fri 10am BST
8 Mon 10am BST
16 Tue 10am BST
18 Thu 10am BST
22 Mon 10am BST
2 Fri 10am BST
15 Thu 10am BST
20 Tue 10am BST
26 Mon 10am BST
5 Thu 1 day
6 Fri 10am BST
9 Mon 10am BST
17 Tue 10am BST
19 Thu 10am BST
23 Mon 10am BST
4 Fri 10am BST
15 Tue 10am BST
17 Thu 10am BST
28 Mon 10am GMT
1 Fri 10am GMT
11 Mon 10am GMT
19 Tue 10am GMT
Times shown in timezone: London