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JUCD Wellbeing - Activity Timetable

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All activities must be booked in advance, please click below to book your place and look out for new and exciting additions which may be added. Please read your organisations Infection Prevention and Control guidelines before attending any face-to-face activity or email our Wellbeing team at uhdb.gethealthystayhealthy@nhs.net for any queries regarding Your Activities timetable. This timetable may be subject to change in line with Covid-19 regulations. Please complete your organisations Health Commitment Statement prior to taking part in any physical activity

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MSK Lifestyle Psychological Health CRH Wellbeing Hub
Fra 22 sep 2023
september, 2023
25 man. 07:30 BST Resistance Band Strength Exercise (Virtual)
08:30 BST Myzone Support
11:00 BST Leg Strength Exercises
12:00 BST PIT STOP Men's Mental Health Hub (Virtual)
12:15 BST Lower Back Stretch and Strengthen (Virtual)
12:30 BST Transgender language 101: Getting it right
13:00 BST Legs, Bums and Tums (Virtual)
13:00 BST Disability & Wellbeing Network
14:30 BST Relax and Reflect Workshop (Coleman Street Health Centre)
16:45 BST Salsa Cubana - Beginners (Kingsway Hospital)
Kurs: 7 Datoer Couch to 5k at Chesterfield
17:15 BST Salsa Cubana - Regulars (Kingsway Hospital)
18:30 BST Zumba (Virtual)
Kurs: 2 Datoer Silk Painting
26 tir. 07:30 BST Fitness Boost (Virtual)
09:30 BST Interview Skills Workshop
10:30 BST Yoga for Long Covid or Respiratory Health
11:00 BST Desk Stretches for Neck Health (Virtual)
14:00 BST Wellbeing Champion Support
17:00 BST Table Tennis
Tider gjelder for tidssone: London